Why Smart Ceiling Fans Is A Major Convenience For You — Featuring Eco-Airx

Silent Operation

Eco-Airx fans are silently operated which is highly preferred by many light sleepers who are unable to rest with the noises created from most ceiling fans.


Made with the highest quality wood, the operation of the fan is seamless and smooth. Our premium natural wood is used to create a 3D aerodynamic blade, handcrafted to perfection in order to achieve the optimal wind velocity to provide comfort in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Smart Series Integration

Smart Series Integration

Eco-Airx was one of the few brands that launched the smart series ceiling fan which allows our customers to have access to smart-home functions.

Our fans can now be controlled via Smart Phone at your own convenience. 

*you can even use voice command to control the fans!


Instead of installing additional lights in a small space, you can now opt for our light kit and it will be just right for your balcony/ study room.


Many interior designers and customers pick our brand as Eco-Airx fans are highly customisable to better fit most themes. Our products are able to cover themes from minimalist, Scandinavian to a rustic industrial look. 

And of course, this does not compromise any functionality.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development Team are always trying to improve our products so that our consumers can look forward to future integrations.

exo-friendly smart ceiling fan


The Eco-Airx fan is 80% more energy efficient compared to normal ceiling fans. 


Reverse Mode enables the fan to pull the airflow upwards as its bounces off the compound; this improves the circulation in the area.

Auto-Cooling Function allows the fan to turn on and off periodically. This allows your room to feel cooled down without needing the fan to switch on throughout.

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