Sharp Air Purifier Review – How It Compares To Other Air Cleaners In Singapore

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Sharp Air Purifier Review — Who is it good for?

The Sharp air purifier J30E-B with active plasma cluster and quiet ionic technology guarantees you cleaner breathable air. After all. it’s important to get an ideal air purifier to filter airborne viruses, pollen, dust, and odours.

Efficacy wise. the Sharp air purifier integrates HEPA filtration to capture allergens and is ideal for those who face these everyday problems:

  • Suffering from allergies and asthma
  • Dusty residence
  • Individuals who often snore and experience dry eyes and throat
  • Those who want to protect themselves from getting airborne viruses, mould, or odours 

In this article, we’ll look into the Sharp air purifier J30E-B in terms of its efficacy, performance, and reliability. We’ve also compared it to the distinguished Cosmo prime air purifier so you know exactly how it fares in the market.

Before settling on which air purifier to buy, here are some highlights you should know.

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1. How they work — 3-in-1 HEPA filtration system

sharp air purifier filtration system

In terms of filtrating efficacy, both air cleaners are in built with HEPA filters — an essential filter that removes 99.97% pollutants of up to 0.3 microns.


Similar to Cosmo prime air purifier, the Sharp air purifier features a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and an Activated Plasmacluster Ion technology.

The pre-filter traps dust and other airborne particles suspended in the air while the efficient HEPA filter removes airborne particles such as pollen, dust, and pet dander.

Unlike the Cosmo prime, the Sharp air purifier’s final layer of defence —the Plasmacluster Ion technology — eliminates microscopic pollutants. This reduces germs and captures bacteria, viruses, and mould. In terms of filtering efficacy, it has a CADR of 200 — suited to filter more air in large rooms of approximately 30 square meters.

Cosmo Prime

Similar to the Sharp air purifier, Cosmo prime also has an integrated 3-in-1 HEPA filter with a pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, and an activated carbon layer. 

The Cosmo prime is fitted with the Medical grade H13 HEPA filter which filters out 99.97% of particles and a CADR of 249.05 (smoke), 329.97 (dust), and 362.44 (pollen). The activated carbon filter then neutralises odours and absorbs formaldehyde before clean air is released.

Learn more about the Cosmo prime air purifier here.

2. Noise level 

sharp air purifier noise level


The Sharp air purifier has very low noise levels and is significantly quiet. The low fan setting produces 23dB(A) — equivalent to just a ticking sound.

Cosmo Prime

Cosmo prime, on the other hand, has a lower noise level at 20dB(A) — the same volume as a whisper. It is also incorporated with a SilentMotor which enhances its silent operation, making it a perfect addition for light sleepers.

3. Filter replacement & lifespan — cost & ease of maintenance

sharp air purifier lifespan cost of filter replacement

HEPA filters could be costly and cannot be recycled. In terms of lifespan, it depends on the room environment, conditions of usage, and where the air purifier is located. It’s important to change filters to maintain its efficiency. 


Sharp air purifier’s filters have a lifespan of 2 years but they may need frequent replacements in environments with severe pollution. Its filter replacement indicator has a timer function which will prompt you when it’s time for a replacement. The filter can last approximately 2 years and cost roughly $30.

Cosmo Prime

As opposed to Sharp’s filter, Cosmo prime’s filter has a longer lifespan of 1.5 years. Subject to usage, the Cosmo prime 3-in-1 filter ought to be replaced every 12 to 18 months for approximately $70.

4. Ease of maintenance


The Sharp air filter has a filter indicator light which will turn on after approximately 720 hours. You are then required to reset the filter indicator. Some parts are removable which makes cleaning a simple task. All you’ll need is an appropriate cleaning tool such as a soft brush, a soft dry, or a dampened cloth.

Cosmo Prime

Maintenance of Cosmo prime air purifier is easy and minimal. The parts are removable but not washable. To maintain the filter, regularly clean with a soft cloth. Do not wash the filter under running water or use a vacuum cleaner to clean.

5. Smart control access

sharp air purifier ease of maintenance


The Sharp air purifier has no smartphone control access. However, it uses the comprehensive Plasmacluster Ion technology which acts as a sensor and eliminates microscopic elements.

Cosmo Prime

While Cosmo prime doesn’t match Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion technology, it has the smartphone app available both on the Google play store and Apple store. You can download their free mobile app to control and monitor the air purifier virtually from your phone. 

Besides, you’ll be able to access real-time data collected and find out the quality of your room air. The app has other control functions like the child lock which locks features in place. This is a bonus if you’ve toddlers or kids who are likely to tamper with household appliances.

6. Risk-freewarranty & trial period

sharp air purifier warranty trial


Sharp products are obtainable from various retailers in Singapore with different delivery periods. It comes with a 2-year warranty and has no trial period.

Cosmo Prime

Unlike Sharp products, Cosmo delivers its air purifiers on the exact day of purchase at no cost. Besides, it comes with a 5 years warranty and offers its customers a 20 days trial period. This enables buyers to get acquainted with the product before committing to a big-ticket item fully. 

Sharp Air Purifier Vs Cosmo Prime — which is the better air purifier?

With numerous air purifiers currently in the market, selecting the best air purifier will depend on your preferences.

If you’re working on a tight budget, the Sharp air purifier will be ideal for you since it is budget-friendly both in terms of price and the cost of replacing filters. Besides, it’s well designed, easy to maintain, and quickly gets rid of odours

For tech-savvy buyers, the Cosmo Prime would be the best choice because of its smartphone access — a dream come true for homeowners who want a smart home. Plus, Cosmo offers money-guarantees such as its 20 days trial period. First-time buyers will find comfort in Cosmo’s risk-free clause. 

Coupled with free, same-day delivery,  sit back, relax, and wait for your Cosmo Prime air purifier to be delivered straight at your doorstep.

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