20 day trial & Returns

This 20-Day Trial Policy applies to the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier, Cosmo Pro® Air Purifier, Cosmo Halo XL® Air Purifier and Cosmo Prime® Dehumidifier (referred to below as the “Air Purifier”, “Dehumidifier” or “Product”).

The 20-Day Trial Policy starts from the date you receive your air purifier or dehumidifier via delivery or self-collection.

Your returned product is required to be in good condition as we do not accept damaged, broken, cracked, scratched Air purifiers or Dehumidifiers and must be in complete packaging (components/ parts) which includes the box otherwise, you will not be granted a return or refund. Cosmo air reserves the right to refuse a return and a full refund.

If the product has been damaged or scratched, you will not be granted a return or refund. The returned product must be in good condition as failing this, Cosmo will charge $50 onwards depending on the extent of the damages as a compensation fee (repair purposes) which will be deducted from the refund amount.

In addition, If you buy multiple quantities of a single product, you are eligible to return only ONE of that products for refund within the trial period. 

Note: Cosmo strongly encourages customers to return their purchased item by bringing it down to our showroom to avoid any damages as it will likely be donated to charity. There will be an additional of $20 if customers decide to engage our collection services.

We will refund your money after we have received the product back at one of our warehouses. The refund will be credited back to the card or the account that you have used to purchase it.