Cosmo Halo XL



Meet the Most Powerful Air Purifier in Singapore

This sleek designer bladeless-fan air purifier is the perfect investment to keep the air in your home free of air pollutants.

  • Filters up to 99.95% of all airborne pollutants
  • Cleans air through HEPA filtration + UV sterilization
  • Purifies an entire home in just 45 minutes*
  • Silent & powerful, with 9 speed settings
  • Airflow Rate of 9700 litres/minute
  • Sleek LCD touch display
  • And more

Service Guarantees

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Free same day delivery
  • 100% refund guarantee within 20 days

Dimensions: 63cm x 55cm x 122.9 cm 

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