6 Reasons Why You Should Get Cosmo Air Purifier In Singapore

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Cosmo – the risk-free air cleaner you need

An air cleaner or air purifier, however small it is, isn’t cheap. Price tags are easily in the hundreds and filter replacements often rack up the prices. However, access to clean air shouldn’t be an expensive affair – and that is where Cosmo come in. 

Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier is risk-free, so you know that every cent is worth the spend. But that’s not the only reason why Cosmo is the top air purifiers in Singapore. With competitive prices and an enhanced filtering system, here’s why Cosmo is a household brand in the local scene.

1. Risk-free purchase for 20 days & 5-year warranty

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Cosmo offers 20 days of risk-free purchase and another whopping 5-year warranty for all products. Should there be a (slight) possibility that your Cosmo products turn faulty within 20 days, return it to our showroom for a full refund. Else, any malfunctions happened within the next 5 years are repaired or replaced under the warranty claim

Note that all parts and components of the packaging should be in its original condition when returned. 

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Exclusive benefits from Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier

Money-guarantees aside, here’s why Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier stands out from other air cleaners in Singapore.

2. Enhanced 3-in-1 True HEPA air filter

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Cosmo’s 3-in-1 True HEPA filter

An effective air purifier can’t do without a True HEPA filter – an air filter that cleans the air from all kinds of airborne pollutants. For non-sciencey people, that means dust mites, allergens, and even viruses, are removed for cleaner air quality. Read more about True HEPA filters here

If you think that’s impressive enough, Cosmo takes it a notch higher with its specially engineered True HEPA filter. Each pore is 20 times finer than what you’ll find in an average HEPA filter, Plus, every air purifier comes in a 3-in-1 filter:

Pre FilterIntercept large suspended particles.
H13 HEPA FilterRemove micron particles and block bacteria.
Activated CarbonRemove odour from the air.

With triple the protection, Cosmo better protects your home from harmful airborne particles.

3. Budget-friendly prices from $450 with free delivery

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To ensure that every homeowner has access to purified air, the Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter retails at a record-low of $450 (U.P. $538) – easily half the price most air purifiers are sold for. Rest assured that FREE, same-day delivery is included, so the final price tag comes with no hidden costs. 

Check out how we fare as compared to other popular air purifier brands. 

4. Double features – removes pollutants, pumps in healthy ions

Healthy anions are abundant in natural landscapes 
Image credit: Marla Prusik

Unlike most air purifiers, Cosmo’s doubles up as a filter and an ioniser for better air quality. While airborne pollutants are filtered, healthy anions (negatively charged ion) are released to attract positively charged particles. Once bonded, these harmful particles will be too heavy to remain airborne, resulting in cleaner air.

Anions are abundant in nature landscapes like mountains, waterfalls, and forests. With Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier, we bring nature to you so you won’t miss out on a plethora of benefits – enhanced immunity, improved sleep quality, and lesser allergy triggers. Read more about anions here.

5. Conducive for light sleepers – night light & silent features

night light

Pair night light with a silent motor and you’ve got a winning combo all light sleepers want. The German brand launched the SlientMotor-VX so that noises, no louder than 20dB, are kept to but a mere whisper. Top it off with a blue night light, and you’re likely to sleep better and faster – thanks to Cosmo’s in-house specialists.

6. Portable and easy to manage

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For those who often marie-kondo their houses, having a small and compact air purifier will make house-cleaning a tad easier. Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier sits at less than 50CM tall, so your air cleaner is easy to shift about and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

More importantly, this nifty gadget takes up half the space a typical air purifier would but provides twice the volume of clean air. Whoever said you need to give up aesthetics for functionality will find Cosmo a game-changer. 

Breathe clean with Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier

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The Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier comes with an extensive list of features to achieve quality air:

  • 3-in-1 HEPA filter
  • Release healthy anions 
  • Night light
  • Low noise level
  • Real-time air quality reading 
  • Automatic fan speed 
  • Controllable via a smartphone

Along with risk-free guarantees, enhanced True HEPA filter, and exclusive technologies, Cosmo’s reputation as one of the best air purifier in Singapore is backed by positive reviews too. Start your healthy living with Cosmo and knock yourself out with up to 15% off with same-day delivery for FREE today.

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