Benefits Of Water Air Purifiers Explained — As Compared To An Air Purifier

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What water air purifiers are good for

Water air purifiers are a type of water-based air purifier. The key difference is that they utilise water rather than a traditional filter to clean the air. These purifiers can filter allergens, dust and more. They can also humidify your home or even be used as aroma diffusers. 

On the flip side, air purifiers with true HEPA filters are able to remove 99.97% of air pollutants of up to 0.3 microns which includes airborne viruses. They work by filtering the air through various highly-effective filters. You can read more about how these filters work to provide you with fresh, clean air here

Since both have the same functions essentially, you may wonder what the differences are and why some people prefer air purifiers to water-based ones. Leave the googling to us as we’ve done the research for you. 

Differences at a glance… 

Characteristics Water Air Purifiers Air Purifiers 
Efficiency Not as effective More effective at filtering micropollutants
Price $149 onwards$399 onwards
Aroma diffuser 
Potential mould growth 

1. Both purify and clean the air 

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Like regular air purifiers, water air purifiers have the same purpose of cleaning the air — but in different ways. Instead of using filters like HEPA filters to purify the air, these purifiers use water instead. 

The surrounding air is drawn into the purifier and passed through a tank of water. Air is then blown out from the other side after being ‘washed’ by the water. 

They help reduce the number of household air pollutants such as mould, pollen, dust mites, and even light cooking smells — great for those suffering from asthma or allergies. However, they are not as effective as air purifiers as they do not use HEPA filters which are medically certified to remove micropollutants from the air. 

Water air purifiers may also encourage the growth of bacteria and mould if not properly maintained. You will have to constantly switch out the water and clean out the inside of the purifier as well. 

Factors to consider when buying an air purifier: 

  • Size of your room 
  • Type of filter required 
  • Maintenance required 

2. Affordable prices from $149 onwards

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One of the main selling points for water air purifiers is their affordable prices as they don’t require fancy expensive filters. 

Thus, they are relatively cheaper to maintain as compared to regular air filters. There is no need to buy and replace filters. 

On the flip side, it would be better to invest in an air purifier that uses medical-grade HEPA filters ff you suffer from allergies or asthma. Despite its higher cost, it is far more effective to reduce allergens and pollutants Check out these air purifiers perfect for allergies to consider. 

3. Double function — aroma diffuser

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As water air purifiers use water as a filter, many enjoy mixing in aroma oils and fragrances to double up as an aroma diffuser. 

Note that not all water air purifiers are recommended for aromatherapy as they both serve different functions. In fact, the aroma oils can affect the effectiveness of the air purifier as the oils interfere with the consistency of the water. It is, however, still an option, if you want to enhance the smell of your room for a while. 

Aromatherapy is helpful in calming the mind down or boosting focus. 

Some other health benefits of aromatherapy are: 

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Treat headaches and migraines 
  • Improve digestion 
  • Boost immunity 

Read more about the health benefits of aromatherapy here

4. Runs quietly — great for light sleepers

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Water air purifiers are also crowd-favourites for their silent features. As there are no mechanics involved, water air purifiers do not produce extra noise. You could even place one right beside your bed and still get a good night’s rest without any distractions from the purifier — a godsend for light sleepers.

Air purifiers can also be equally as silent too. The Cosmo air purifier is in fact, just20dB — the sound of a whisper.  Sleep with peace of mind that there are no interruptions while you sleep. 

Are water air purifiers suitable for you?

While water air purifiers are cheaper and may serve the same function as regular air purifiers that utilise HEPA filters, they are not as effective at purifying the air. The water used will also have to be frequently swapped out in order to prevent bacteria build-up.

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If you decide water air purifiers are not your cup of tea, then be sure to check out Cosmo Prime Air Purifier ($399 after sale). They offer free same-day delivery so you’ll get your air purifier ASAP, along with a 5-year warranty. Not to mention they are equally as silent as water air purifiers. 

These air purifiers filter 99.7% of all air pollutants including dust mites, pollen and so on. They use medical-grade in-house engineered H13 HEPA technology, which means their HEPA filters have pores that are up to 20 times finer than average HEPA filters. 

How it works: 3 in-1 filter function. 

  • 1st layer filters out large particles like dust and hair
  • 2nd layer filters out micron particles like pollen and dust mites
  • 3rd layer neutralises odours in the air and absorbs formaldehyde 

Find out more about the Cosmo Prime air purifier here

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